Cattleya Seattle Black & Flory 1951 ( Cattleya Elissa × Cattleya South Esk )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
C. Umatilla Reef C. Seattle C. Morro Rock
C. Nancy Virginia Ledford C. Seattle C. Twinkle Star
Rlc. Aitkenvale C. Seattle Rlc. Dawn Angela
Rlc. Fern Stout C. Seattle Rlc. Mem. Crispin Rosales
Rlc. Valerie Tonkin C. Seattle Rlc. Norman's Bay
C. Alice Lani Chun C. Balkis C. Seattle
C. Century Twentyone C. Bonanza (Bracey) C. Seattle
C. Fern Graham C. Bow Bells C. Seattle
C. Three Cities C. Cuesta C. Seattle
C. Prince of Peace C. Elizabeth Off C. Seattle
C. Anna Gordon C. Elstead Gem C. Seattle
C. Yvette Ann C. Ennerdale C. Seattle
C. Castle Hill C. Grub Stake C. Seattle
C. Sozar C. Hyperion C. Seattle
C. Midnight Royale C. Kalono C. Seattle
C. Lavender Gate C. Mary Rose C. Seattle
C. Mary Krill C. Medon C. Seattle
C. Bush Opera C. Mini Purple C. Seattle
C. Martha Goodner C. Murano C. Seattle
C. Jean McGregor C. Nerthus C. Seattle
C. Daniel Burns C. Tethys C. Seattle
C. Barbara Barry C. tigrina C. Seattle
Rlc. Tom Huntington Rlc. Edwin Chong C. Seattle
Rlc. Everett Rlc. Tripoli C. Seattle