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Genus: Leptotes:
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  • Brazil Northeast, Brazil, Southern America
  • Brazil Southeast, Southern America
  • Brazil South, Southern America
  • Paraguay, Southern America
Intermediate to coll temperature, bright light all year round. High humidity all year round. Water heavily during spring to summer. Dont let the media dry out. Mounted plants like soaking once a week
Marianna Max
  • Leptotes bicolor var. glaucophylla Hook. (1839)
  • Leptotes bicolor var. serrulata (Lindl.) Stein (1892)
  • Leptotes bicolor subsp. serrulata (Lindl.) C.E.M.Carvalho, J.R.Figueiredo & Van den Berg (2019)
  • Leptotes glaucophylla Hoffmanns. (1842)
  • Leptotes serrulata Lindl. (1838)
  • Tetramicra bicolor (Lindl.) Rolfe (1883)
  • Tetramicra serrulata (Lindl.) G.Nicholson (1887)
Raoul CERE
Lpt. bicolor
Raoul CERE
Lpt. bicolor
Lpt. bicolor
Jack Li
Lpt. bicolor
Karole Schon
Lpt. bicolor 'Khairul Bariah'
Raoul CERE
Lpt. bicolor
Pondra Hasyim
Lpt. bicolor
Raoul CERE
Lpt. bicolor
Cesar Wenzel
Lpt. bicolor var. alba
Raoul CERE
Lpt. bicolor
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