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Genus: Laelia:
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  • Colombia, Western South America, Southern America
grows in the mountain forest from Columbia to Venezuela. It is closely related to Schomburgkia undulate , but a different geographic location and color. Grow in intermediate temperature, almost full sun. The plant needs to grow aerial roots before it blooms well.
  • Schomburgkia wallisii Rchb.f. (1877)
Brassolaelia Graf's Star Laelia colombiana × Brassavola cucullata
Laeliocatanthe Firebrat (3) Laelia colombiana × Cattlianthe Cluster Fire
Laelianthe Mem. Essie Nixon (7) Laelia colombiana × Guarianthe Guatemalensis
Laelia Satin Rose (2) Laelia colombiana × Laelia anceps
Laeliocattleya Oro Andina Laelia colombiana × Laeliocattleya Santa Barbara
Rechingerara Alexandra Kontos (3) Laelia colombiana × Rhyncattleanthe Fuchs Orange Nuggett
Garlippara Mem. Linda Marlene Curle Brassocatanthe Punakea × Laelia colombiana
Laeliocattleya Santa Barbara Cattleya coccinea × Laelia colombiana
Laeliocattleya Ross Otto Cattleya harpophylla × Laelia colombiana
Laeliocattleya Len Zieff Cattleya Rocio de Moreno × Laelia colombiana
Laeliocatanthe Debra Hamilton Cattlianthe Aussie Sunset × Laelia colombiana
Laeliocatanthe Hot Cocoa Cattlianthe Blazing Treat × Laelia colombiana
Laeliocatanthe Terrapoto (3) Cattlianthe Gold Digger × Laelia colombiana
Laeliocatanthe RIO's Beautiful Show Cattlianthe Mem. Hugh Tomlinson × Laelia colombiana
Caulaelia Wild Rose (5) Caulaelia Snowflake × Laelia colombiana
Pabstara Linda Curle's Volcano Trick Epicatanthe Volcano Trick × Laelia colombiana
Laeliocattleya Lynn Carter Desmond Laeliocattleya Frank Shadle × Laelia colombiana
Rechingerara Marvideen Rose (3) Rhyncattleanthe Momilani Rainbow × Laelia colombiana
Keyesara Ramirez Firefly Rhynchobrassoleya Stan's Golden Car × Laelia colombiana
Rhyndenlia RIO's Pandora's Box Rhynchodendrum Peggy Ann × Laelia colombiana
Rhyncatlaelia RIO's Treasure (2) Rhyncholaeliocattleya Valley Isle Success × Laelia colombiana
Gloria Messler
Schomburgkia wallisii (syn)
Jorge Li
L. colombiana
Melissa Garner
L. colombiana
L. colombiana
Fred Rump
L. colombiana
Pim Little
L. colombiana 'Henriques Choice'
Pim Little
L. colombiana 'Henriques Choice'
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