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Genus: Vanda:
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Section: Deltoglossa:
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  • Jawa, Malesia, Asia Tropical
  • Lesser Sunda Is., Asia Tropical
  • Philippines, Asia Tropical
Vanda tricolor var. suavis is arguably the finest variety of a massive species complex distributed across the Indonesian Archipelago. Its flowers are characterised by their deep maroon spotting on pristine white floral segments. They also exude a pervasive, jasmine-like fragrance. Emrys Chew
There are so many variants but usually the lip of suavis is purple and arched. The apex of the lip is usually two lobes more divergent. The backround of tepals is pure white. [Philippe Rastafouni]
  • Vanda suavis Lindl. (1848)
  • Vanda tricolor var. formosa F.Buyss. (1878)
  • Vanda tricolor var. superba F.Buyss. (1878)
Aranda Melia Ann (6) Vanda suavis (syn) × Arachnis Ishbel
Aranda suavis-Maggie Oei (1) Vanda tricolor var. suavis × Arachnis Maggie Oei
Papilionanda suavis-Mimi Palmer (1) Vanda suavis (syn) × Papilionanda Mimi Palmer
Papilionanda Marguerite Maron (14) Vanda suavis (syn) × Papilionanthe teres
Vandaenopsis Little Tiger Vanda suavis (syn) × Phalaenopsis corningiana
Vandaenopsis Mem. Hugo Peiris Vanda suavis (syn) × Phalaenopsis parishii
Vandaenopsis Milode Bali Beauty (4) Vanda suavis (syn) × Phalaenopsis schilleriana
Vanda sauvis-cristata (2) Vanda suavis (syn) × Vanda cristata
Vanda Shirley Russell Vanda suavis (syn) × Vanda Gilbert Triboulet
Vanda S. y N. Ana Caneva Vanda suavis (syn) × Vanda Gordon Dillon
Vanda Splish Splash Vanda suavis (syn) × Vanda Jose Coronado
Vanda Mem. Jan Kautsky (5) Vanda tricolor var. suavis × Vanda longitepala
Vanda Sumatra Sunspot Vanda suavis (syn) × Vanda Mem. Thianchai
Vanda Profusion (1) Vanda suavis (syn) × Vanda Rothschildiana
Vanda Kon-Tiki Vanda suavis (syn) × Vanda Tatzeri
Vanda Santa Barbara Fizz Vanda suavis (syn) × Vanda Tokyo Blue
Vanda Twilight Tide Vanda Santa Barbara Fizz (syn) × Vanda tricolor var. suavis
Vanda suavis-ustii Vanda tricolor var. suavis × Vanda ustii
Vanda Kartini (1) Vanda tricolor var. suavis × Vanda vietnamica
Vanvanda Burgeffii Vanda suavis (syn) × Vandopsis lissochiloides
Aranda Hilda Galistan (9) Arachnis hookeriana × Vanda suavis (syn)
Papilionanda Akala Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim × Vanda suavis (syn)
Papilionanda Affine (1) Papilionanthe Miss van Deun × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vandaenopsis Ferrierensis Phalaenopsis amabilis × Vanda suavis (syn)
Renantanda Butterfly Beach Renanthera citrina × Vanda suavis (syn)
Renantanda Sanderi Renanthera imschootiana × Vanda suavis (syn)
Renantanda Judy Dean Renanthera storiei × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Heloisa da Cruz Vanda barnesii × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Messneri Vanda Burgeffii × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Charlemagne Vanda Charlesworthii × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Herziana (3) Vanda coerulea × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Blue Danube (1) Vanda coerulescens × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Helen Adams (2) Vanda dearei × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Ahinahina Vanda Frank Scudder × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Iwasaki Mino Vanda Herziana × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Kenneth Roberts-suavis (1) Vanda Kenneth Roberts × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Java Jive Vanda Manuel Torres × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Anna Maria Mueller Vanda mariae × Vanda tricolor var. suavis
Vanda Ms. Schlegel Vanda roeblingiana × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda S. y N. Nery Argentina (3) Vanda S. y N. Panambí Diciembre × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Burgeffii (25) Vanda sanderiana × Vanda tricolor var. sauvis (syn)
Vanda Twilight Tide Vanda Santa Barbara Fizz (syn) × Vanda tricolor var. suavis
Vanda F. W. Sander Vanda tessellata × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda Suavicolor (7) Vanda tricolor × Vanda suavis (syn)
Vanda javanensis Vanda tricolor × Vanda suavis (syn)
Tommy Ljunggren
V. tricolor var. suavis
Ho-kin Ng
V. tricolor var. suavis 'Michael Collins'
Milo Emilio Migliavacca
V. tricolor var. suavis pallida form
Francisco J Mari Lassalle
V. tricolor var. suavis 'Michael Collins '
Ho-kin Ng
V. tricolor var. suavis
Dody Nugroho
V. tricolor var. suavis
Vilson Zorzetto
V. tricolor var. suavis
Sasaki Hiroaki
V. tricolor var. suavis
Emrys Chew
V. tricolor var. suavis
Paul Chong
V. tricolor var. suavis
David Lim
V. tricolor var. suavis
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