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Genus: Cattleya:
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The RHS lists this hybrid as guttata x warscewiczii, obviously a mix-up. The text is quite clear when it was made as "a eté obtenu par M.A.A.Peters ... en fecondant le C. warscewiczii au moyen du polen du C. leopoldii".... translated as "it was obtained by M.A.A. Peters... by fecundation of C. warscewiczii by means of the pollen of C. leopoldii" (=C. tigrina). as Cattleya Atlanta var. inversa and Cattleya Atlanta var. splendens in Cogniaux's Dictionnaire Iconographique des Orchidées, Cattleya hyb. Pl. 11 & 11A. 1899 & 1900. Public Domain drawing by A. Gossens, extracted from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

The confusion between C. guttata and C. tigrina was likely inserted into the RHS database when they were considered simply as two varieties of C. guttata [Cássio van den Berg]

Cássio van den Berg
C. Atalanta var. splendens
Johnny Caceres
C. Atalanta 'Hawaii'
James Keach
C. Atalanta 'Hawaii'
Cássio van den Berg
C. Atalanta var. inversa
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